Glenn and Shayna Turner stumbled upon T or C after moving to New Mexico from Brooklyn, New York. They were visiting hot springs around the state, and once they discovered T or C, never looked back. They bought the old “Church of Christ” in 2005 and soon turned the old chapel into the Mothership Yoga Lounge and built a residence in the back. Their intention has always been to use this space to foster deeper connections with themselves and those who visit.  Over the years, they’ve hosted countless music events, yoga classes, workshops, dance parties, women’s gatherings, and even a sacred chocolate ceremony!  They’ve also hosted kirtans led by Dave Stringer, Wah!, Shantala, Mike Cohen, Scott and Shanti Medina and Katie Wise.

T or C combines many of their passions – hot springs, yoga, vintage, community and quirkiness. Shayna did her yoga teacher training with Cyndi Lee at Om Yoga Center in Manhattan, and has been teaching at the Mothership since 2005. Glenn loves designing spaces and collecting mid-century modern furniture and Eastern/Psychedelic art. In early 2018 they acquired the historic bathhouse next door to the Mothership, and are now in the process of expanding to create a self-contained hot springs, yoga retreat center for people to practice, soak, play and sleep.

Shayna and Glenn are also the creators of Breathe 11:11 – a free app that chimes at 11:11 everyday as a reminder to take a deep breath, make a wish, and connect with others who are doing the same thing at the same time.