People have been coming to heal in these magical waters for centuries – and they were just as relevant and needed as they are today. Immersing in this sacred water and absorbing the heat and healing minerals from the core of the earth creates space in the body and mind for transformation to occur. The soaking experience provides direct access to our elemental selves, allowing us to recharge and re-connect with our deeper nature. Plus, it just feels really good! 

According to Sierra County Recreation & Tourism: The hot thermal water flows out of a rift along the Rio Grande producing temperatures ranging from 98 to 115 degrees, with trace elements of 38 different minerals (see below for full list). The pH of the water is 7, or neutral. With almost 2,700 parts per million of assorted minerals, these thermal springs constitute some of the most heavily mineralized water in the United States. The continually flowing waters have no unpleasant odor; and the single largest ingredient is chloride, a naturally occurring germ killer that sterilizes the skin and ensures the purity of the water.